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Acta Metallurgica Sinica(English letters)  2019, Vol. 32 Issue (12): 1437-1448    DOI: 10.1007/s40195-019-00929-9
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Effects of Temperature on Fretting Corrosion Between Alloy 690TT and 405 Stainless Steel in Pure Water
Xing-Chen Liu1,2, Hong-Liang Ming1(), Zhi-Ming Zhang1, Jian-Qiu Wang1, Li-Chen Tang3, Hao Qian3, Yong-Cheng Xie3, En-Hou Han1
1 CAS Key Laboratory of Nuclear Materials and Safety Assessment, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China
2 School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, Shenyang 110016,China
3 Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute Ltd. Co., Shanghai 200233, China
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In pressurized water reactor, fretting corrosion has become the main reason for the failure of 690TT heat exchanger tubes. The effect of temperature on the fretting corrosion behavior between 690TT tube and 405 stainless steel (SS) bar has been studied during 106 fretting cycles. The overall average coefficient of friction (COF) values descends with an increase in test temperature, while the width of worn scar becomes wider. The severest fretting corrosion happens when the test temperature is at 100 °C. The wear mechanism differs at different test temperatures, from adhesive wear at room temperature to abrasive wear and delamination at 100 °C, to abrasive wear at 200 °C. Deformation slips, high residual strain concentration, and micro-cracks are found which are disadvantageous for the further service performance of the tubes.

Key words:  Alloy 690TT      405 SS      Fretting corrosion      Temperature     
Received:  12 March 2019      Published:  25 November 2019

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Xing-Chen Liu, Hong-Liang Ming, Zhi-Ming Zhang, Jian-Qiu Wang, Li-Chen Tang, Hao Qian, Yong-Cheng Xie, En-Hou Han. Effects of Temperature on Fretting Corrosion Between Alloy 690TT and 405 Stainless Steel in Pure Water. Acta Metallurgica Sinica(English letters), 2019, 32(12): 1437-1448.

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Fe Ni Cr Si Mn Al Ti C S P
690TT 9.81 Bal. 29.55 0.06 0.01 0.11 0.12 0.022 <?0.01 <?0.01
405SS Bal. 0.55 13.51 0.76 0.85 0.13 - 0.060 0.018 0.025
Table 1  Chemical compositions for 690TT and 405 SS (wt%)
Fig. 1  Schematic diagram of the high-temperature high-pressure fretting wear testing equipment
Testing parameters Value (unit)
Temperature RT, 100 °C, 200 °C
Pressure 12.5 MPa
DO content <?5 μg/L (by weight)
Solution Pure water
Frequency 40 Hz
Displacement amplitude ±?100 μm
Normal force 40 N
Total cycles 106
Immersion time before fretting 18 h
Table 2  Parameters for the fretting corrosion tests of 690 TT mated with 405 SS
Fig. 2  Schematic diagram of the contact configuration between 690TT tube and 405SS cylinder
Temperature (°C) b (μm) P0 (MPa)
RT 87.48 72.77
100 87.81 72.50
200 88.27 72.13
Table 3  Width of contacted area and initial contact stress of 690 TT tube mated with 405 SS
Fig. 3  Microstructure of 405 SS a and 690TT b observed by optical microscope and the micro-hardness c
Fig. 4  Friction coefficients as a function of fretting cycle numbers at different temperature in pure water
Fig. 5  Surface morphologies of the worn scars on 690TT tubes against 405 SS cylinder at different temperature in pure water, a-c by SEM, d-f 3D morphologies by 3-D surface morphology analyzer
Fig. 6  Surface morphologies of the worn scars on 690TT tube at higher magnifications by SEM, a-c for sample tested at RT, d-f for sample tested at 100 °C, g-i for sample tested at 200 °C
Fig. 7  EDS line scanning across the worn scars on 690TT tube tested at different temperature: a, d for sample tested at RT, b, e for sample tested at 100 °C, c, f for sample tested at 200 °C
Fig. 8  Microstructure of the cross sections of the worn scars on 690TT tested at different temperature and the corresponding EDS line scanning results: a, b for RT, c, d for 100 °C, e, f for 200 °C
Fig. 9  Cross-sectional profiles a, wear volumes and maximum wear depths b of the worn scars on 690TT tubes tested at different temperature in pure water
Fig. 10  EBSD observation results of the cross section of the worn scar on 690TT tube tested at RT in pure water: a IPF, b grain boundary type distribution and c KAM distribution
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