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China Association for Science and Technology
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Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Science

     Editorial Board


Hengqiang Ye (叶恒强) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)

Vice Editor-in-Chief

Zhefeng Zhang(张哲峰)

(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)


Editorial Board

Chuang Dong (董闯) 

(Dalian University of Technology,China)
Danqing Yi (易丹青) 
(Central South University, China)
Di Zhang (张荻) 
(Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
Dianzhong Li (李殿中) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Enhou Han (韩恩厚) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Huibin Xu (徐惠彬) 
(Beihang University, China)
Jian Zhang (张健) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Jianghua Chen(陈江华) 
(Hunan University, China)
Jun Sun (孙军) 
(Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)
Ke Lu (卢 柯) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Ke Yang (杨 柯) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Lijian Rong (戎利建) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Liqing Chen (陈礼清) 
(Northeastern University, China)
Qing Liu (刘庆) 
(Chongqing University, China)
Rui Yang(杨 锐) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Shijian Yuan (苑世剑) 
(Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
Wei Ke (柯 伟) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Weidong Huang (黄卫东) 
(Northwestern Polytechnical University, China)
Weitao Zheng (郑伟涛) 
(Jilin University, China)
Wenzheng Zhang (张文征) 
(Tsinghua University, China)
Xiuliang Ma (马秀良) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Xuanhui Qu (曲选辉) 
(University of Science and Technology Beijing,China)
Yiyi Li (李依依) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Yufeng Zheng(郑玉峰) 
(Peking University, China)

Zhenduo Cui (崔振铎) 
(Tianjin University,  China)
Zhengyi Fu (傅正义) 
(Wuhan University of Technology, China)
Zhidong Zhang (张志东) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)
Zongyi Ma (马宗义) 
(Institute of Metal Research, CAS, China)





Chonglin Chen
(University of Texas at San Antonio & TcSUH , USA)

Daolun Chen 
(Ryerson University, Canada)

En Ma
(The Johns Hopkins University, USA)

Frederic Barlat
(Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea)

Gaoqing Lu 
(University of Queensland, Australia)
Guangling Song 
(Oak Ridge National Lab, DOE, USA)
H.V. Atkinson 
(Cranfield University, UK)
Huajian Gao 
(Brown University, USA)

Ing. Gunther Friedrich Eggeler
(Universit?t Bochum, Germany)

Jeff Th.M. DeHosson (University of Groningen, Netherland)

Jian Lü 
(City University of Hong Kong, HK China)

Jianguo Lin 
(Imperial College London, UK)

Jie Zhou 
(Delft University of Technology, Netherland)

Lizhi Sun 
(University of California, USA)

Luchang Qin 
(North Carolina state University, USA)

Menghuai Wu 
(University of Leoben, Austria)

Peter Hodgson 
(Deakin University, Australia)

Philippe Marcus
(CNRS-ENSCP , France)

Qi Li
(Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Qian Ma 
(RMIT University , Australia)

Roger C. Reed 
(University of Birmingham, UK)

Ronald G. Ballinger 
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Scott X. Mao 
(University of Pittsburgh, USA)

Shijie Zhu 
(Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan)

Subhash Mahajan

Wei Sha 
(Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

Xin Jiang 
(University of Siegen, Germany)

Y. Norman Zhou 
(University of Waterloo, Canada)

Yi Li 
(National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Yuntian Zhu 
(North Carolina State University , USA)

Zhengxiao Guo
(University College London , UK)

Zhonglin Wang
(Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

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