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Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters)  2009, Vol. 22 Issue (2): 138-145    DOI: 10.1016/S1006-7191(08)60
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Role of silicon in steels on galvanized coatings
Chunshan CHE,Jintang LU,Gang KONG,Qiaoyu XU
College of Materials Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640, China
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In this article, five kinds of silicon-containing steel sheets have been electrodeposited, and then immersed in a pure molten zinc bath at 450℃ for various periods of time. The results by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) show that the coating of the sample (0.09 wt pct Si) with iron-electrodeposited pretreatment eliminates the reactive zones which are found in the coating without iron-electrodeposited pretreatment. The galvanized sample (0.28 wt pct Si) with iron-electrodeposited pretreatment exhibits a compact and coherent coating. The coating of the sample (0.37 wt pct Si) with the iron-electrodeposited pretreatment experiences a transition from a compact and coherent coating to a reactive one. The energy dispersive spectrum (EDS) results reveal that for the galvanized samples with iron-electrodeposited pretreatment, excessive silicon accumulates on the surface of the substrate due to the low solubility of silicon in the τ, after the iron layer is depleted by the increasing growth of the Fe-Zn intermetallics. With the movement of the substrate/τ interface toward the substrate, silicon-enriched α-Fe peels off from the substrate and breaks into the particles. The particles move toward the δ layer through the τ layer because silicon-enriched α-Fe cannot be absorbed in the τ layer. When the particles reach the δ/τ interface, they are dissolved in the δ layer, making the  τlayer thin or even vanish.

Key words:  Zn coating      Intermetallics      Steel      Electrodeposition      Iron     
Received:  17 January 2008     
Corresponding Authors:  Chunshan CHE     E-mail:

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Chunshan CHE,Jintang LU,Gang KONG,Qiaoyu XU. Role of silicon in steels on galvanized coatings. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters), 2009, 22(2): 138-145.

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