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Acta Metall Sin(English)  2012, Vol. 25 Issue (3): 201-206    DOI: 10.11890/1006-7191-123-201
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Electromagnetic parameters and microwave-absorption properties for the mixtures of mechanically milled spherical and flaky carbonyl iron powders
Jinghua HE, Wei WANG, Aimin WANG,Jianguo GUAN
State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology for Materials Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China
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Abstract  The electromagnetic parameters were measured for the mixtures of mechanical milled carbonyl iron powders (CIPs) with different mass ratios of spheroid-like particles to flake-shape particles. The results indicate that mixing the sphere-like CIP particles with flake-shaped CIPs can be used to adjust effectively the electromagnetic parameters and enhance the absorption property in high frequency. In addition, a theoretic simulation based on the principle of superposition was carried out and compared with the microwave measurement results, indicating that the simple principle of superposition can not reflect truly the internal interaction mechanism in the composites with different particle shapes.
Key words:  Carbonyl iron      Mechanical milling      Electromagnetic property      Microwave-absorption property     
Published:  21 June 2012
Corresponding Authors:  Wei WANG     E-mail:
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Jinghua HE, Wei WANG, Aimin WANG,Jianguo GUAN. Electromagnetic parameters and microwave-absorption properties for the mixtures of mechanically milled spherical and flaky carbonyl iron powders. Acta Metall Sin(English), 2012, 25(3): 201-206.

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