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Acta Metallurgica Sinica(English letters)  2019, Vol. 32 Issue (12): 1490-1500    DOI: 10.1007/s40195-019-00918-y
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Oxidation Performance and Interdiffusion Behavior of a Pt-Modified Aluminide Coating with Pre-deposition of Ni
He Liu1,2, Shuai Li1,2, Cheng-Yang Jiang3, Chun-Tang Yu1,2, Ze-Bin Bao1(), Sheng-Long Zhu1, Fu-Hui Wang3
1 Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China
2 School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, Shenyang 110016, China
3 Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science,Northeastern University, Shenyang 110819, China
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To refrain the interdiffusion of elements while holding good oxidation resistance, a (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni composite coating was prepared by sequential treatments of electroplating Ni and Pt and successive gaseous aluminization. In comparison with normal (Ni,Pt)Al coating, high-temperature performance of the composite coating was evaluated in isothermal oxidation test at 1100 °C. Both the two coatings exhibited good resistance against high-temperature oxidation, but the interdiffusion of elements between composite coating and single-crystal (SC) superalloy substrate was greatly relieved, in which the thickness of secondary reaction zone (SRZ) and the amount of precipitated topologically close-packed phase in the SC alloy matrix were significantly decreased. Mechanisms responsible for delaying rate of coating degradation and SRZ growth/propagation are discussed.

Key words:  Aluminide coating      Oxidation      Interdiffusion      Microstructure     
Received:  07 March 2019      Published:  25 November 2019

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He Liu, Shuai Li, Cheng-Yang Jiang, Chun-Tang Yu, Ze-Bin Bao, Sheng-Long Zhu, Fu-Hui Wang. Oxidation Performance and Interdiffusion Behavior of a Pt-Modified Aluminide Coating with Pre-deposition of Ni. Acta Metallurgica Sinica(English letters), 2019, 32(12): 1490-1500.

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Parameter Value
NiSO4·6H20 150-200 g L-1
NaCl 8-10 g L-1
H2BO3 20-30 g L-1
Na2SO4 50-80 g L-1
C12H25NaSO4 0.1 g L-1
pH value 5
Temperature 55 °C
Current density 0.5-1 A dm-2
Table 1  Parameters for Ni pre-deposition by electroplating technique
Fig. 1  XRD patterns of β-(Ni,Pt)Al coating specimens with and without Ni pre-deposition
Fig. 2  Surface and cross-sectional morphologies of as-received (Ni,Pt)Al (a, c) and (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni coatings (b, d)
Al Ni Pt Cr Co
(Ni,Pt)Al 41.58 46.24 5.34 2.26 4.58
(Ni,Pt)Al/Ni 42.91 51.56 5.52
Table 2  Coating compositions measured at the region 5 μm to the surface of the two coatings in as-received state (at.%)
Fig. 3  Mass gain (Δw) (a) and square of mass gain (b) of (Ni,Pt)Al and (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni coating specimens during isothermal oxidation test at 1100 °C
Fig. 4  XRD patterns for (Ni,Pt)Al and (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni coatings after isothermal oxidation test at 1100 °C for 1000 h
Fig. 5  Cross-sectional morphologies of (Ni,Pt)Al (a) and (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni (b) coating specimens after isothermal oxidation test at 1100 °C for 1000 h
Al Ni Pt Cr Co
(Ni,Pt)Al 26.61 60.45 4.99 3.36 4.6
(Ni,Pt)Al/Ni 33.6 54.59 5.41 3.08 3.33
Table 3  Coating compositions measured at the region 5 μm to the surface of the two coatings after isothermal oxidation at 1100 °C for 1000 h (at.%)
Fig. 6  Interdiffusion zone evolution of normal β-(Ni,Pt)Al coating specimen during isothermal oxidation test at 1100 °C for a 0 h, b 20 h, c 500 h
Fig. 7  Interdiffusion zone evolution of (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni composite coating during isothermal oxidation test at 1100 °C for a 0 h, b 20 h, c 500 h
Fig. 8  Elemental mappings of (Ni,Pt)Al coating specimen after isothermal oxidation at 1100°C for 500 h
Fig. 9  Elemental mappings of (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni coating specimen after isothermal oxidation test at 1100°C for 500 h
Fig. 10  Evolution of SRZ thickness for (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni and (Ni,Pt)Al coating specimens during isothermal oxidation test
Fig. 11  Schematic illustration showing evolution of SRZ developed below normal (Ni,Pt)Al coating
Fig. 12  Schematic illustration showing evolution of SRZ developed below (Ni,Pt)Al/Ni coating
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